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The New New Yorker Hotel, Again, New York New York

The New New Yorker Hotel, Again, New York,  New York


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whitney moves

Something Within The Lull, Before The Questions,  Ambiguity, Stirs. Whitney Museum, NYC



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Outward Manifestations of Memory Too Subtle To Be Consciously Perceived No.⑥ : Hovers Just There [out of frame] In A Red Space A Reflection or A Sound or A Tiny Wind Fading Into The Pixelation of Resolution: Distracts The Senses, While The Real Processing Is Carried Out Within Subtler Layers of  Memory : Brooklyn; Woman : Paris, [Texas].


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Bruce Lee WebS
The Wages of Fear No.11 ver.2: Bruce Lee Stand-up or When All The Ism’s Have Become Wasm’s What Remains, Brooklyn NYC.
andrew hirodo gröb©

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Seated Odalisque or This Side I Saw of Her, Portland Or_A.Grob smallSeated Odalisque or This Side I Saw of Her, Portland Or.

as seen at Electron Salon L.A.C.D. A. 2014



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Jack Dempsy’s Bar, Time’s Square NYC

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Waiting For A Bat’s Colony Night Flight, Contemplating The Affects of Tornados On Bridges Before They Happen, Austin Texas or Between Destinations Determining A Moment, Fauntleroy Ferry, Seattle Washington

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