Open Your Oaths [videobook] ver.2.0


A multi-media presentation of the photobook.

All these images are shot in b+w and where made primarily in New York, but also Boston, Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Tokyo and Wenatchee and in the last 18 months–mostly.

While viewing the multi-media versions of these books one must imagine that one is in a dark communal space, and the projected images are on a large screen with the volume either high and clear or lo-fi mixed with ambient sounds of the venue. or  if you are within the wonderworld of  headphones, imagine it is you walking these streets thru these places and hearing all these things; and in the case of this piece in particular, due to the soundtracks nearly constant subterranean bass rumble and thrum which acts as a link to all these places in mood and tempo as a underground river system unseen and constant.

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