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Chelsea Girl, Chelsea Girl, Have You Seen Catherine Deneuve, You Remind Me of Her, I Would Have Asked You This If I Had Met You, Chelsea NYC


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A Fools Throne, And Fools Are The Wisest of Fools, Gallway Hooker Tavern, NYC

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Hand Egg Chicken, Chicken Egg Hand, Chinatown NYC

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Why We Return: The Melancholy of Resistance No. 7, Gallway Hooker, Greenwich Village NYC

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The New New Yorker Hotel, Again, New York New York

The New New Yorker Hotel, Again, New York,  New York


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Staring Into The Geometries of Hidden Places In Plain Sight, Their Own Logics, Vertical Maps of Urban, Interrelational Space, Soothes A Restless Mind In Late March, NYC


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whitney moves

Something Within The Lull, Before The Questions,  Ambiguity, Stirs. Whitney Museum, NYC



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Bruce Lee WebS
The Wages of Fear No.11 ver.2: Bruce Lee Stand-up or When All The Ism’s Have Become Wasm’s What Remains, Brooklyn NYC.
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Jack Dempsy’s Bar, Time’s Square NYC

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Deer Audrey, Brooklyn NYC

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