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Dick's / Whisky, Covington Kentucky


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Umbrella Passing, Kennedy Site, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC


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a short story


Monkey Shines

a multi-media version of the book.

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[floor] 8 & 1/2 High Point, NC

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Portal Through Which The Man In The Moon Ascends From The Earth or Inside Hand-Soap Pneumatic Pump Machine, High Point, NC II ver. 2

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becky s. pensacola agape-4webSmall


As this wet summer, mild and more often than not, of a neatly near perfect weather dream wanes towards my memory fields, other summers surface for a moment as this Pensacola dusk, lingered then, the why of not as important at is occurrence, less apparent then, becomes of the obvious now, again. A reminder to spend the time when the time to spend is felt obvious to be spent without concern for the spending of it. Summertimes. Pensacola, FL

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