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Why We Return: The Melancholy of Resistance No. 7, Gallway Hooker, Greenwich Village NYC

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The New New Yorker Hotel, Again, New York New York

The New New Yorker Hotel, Again, New York,  New York


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Staring Into The Geometries of Hidden Places In Plain Sight, Their Own Logics, Vertical Maps of Urban, Interrelational Space, Soothes A Restless Mind In Late March, NYC


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Something Within The Lull, Before The Questions,  Ambiguity, Stirs. Whitney Museum, NYC



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Identifying A Single Step Whilst A Toy Distracts The Senses, As The Everyday Processing Is Being Diverted At Far Deeper Levels of The Mind No.4 Times Square NYC/Inner Canal, Indianapolis Indiana.


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About Her _smal_20130329-004147andrewhirodogrōb©
Now In The Present Tense No.③ : WithIn The Time Allotted [As When Trying To Focus On Things Drawn Close] Eye’s Sight Wends Through Optical Space For Signs of Future Memories Before The Mechanical Shutter Stutters, Clacks Closed or Memories, Dreams Reflections: About Her, Tower Optical Company Coin Operated Mechanical Binocular, Niagara Falls of My Mind, Brooklyn New York

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A Vision of The Future Passed No. IV or Outward Manifestation of Forces Too Subtle To Be Consciously Perceived, DUMBO, Brooklyn NYC

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