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a short story


Monkey Shines

a multi-media version of the book.

Wondering What Angels Do While We Are About In The World

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a multi-media presentation of an original book:

Book Number 16  in The Chronological Narrative Project

music by Four Tet: My Angel Rocks Back And Forth


The images are selected chronologically, generally in 3 month periods. Once collected the narrative construct is determined from within the collection.

While viewing the multi-media versions of these books one must imagine that one is in a dark communal space, and the projected images are on a large screen with the volume either high and clear or lo-fi mixed with ambient sounds of the venue. or that this is you as if reading the book wherever that is best for you and the book. thank you.

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becky s. pensacola agape-4webSmall


As this wet summer, mild and more often than not, of a neatly near perfect weather dream wanes towards my memory fields, other summers surface for a moment as this Pensacola dusk, lingered then, the why of not as important at is occurrence, less apparent then, becomes of the obvious now, again. A reminder to spend the time when the time to spend is felt obvious to be spent without concern for the spending of it. Summertimes. Pensacola, FL

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And All The While The Enigma Keeps On Breathing Through Her Waxworks Face or Future Site Advert for Resort, Ft. Lauderdale FL

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