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Something Within The Lull, Before The Questions Ambiguities Pose, Stirs. No.❹ Detroit Michigan or Exploring Places of Origin, Self Reflection and Sorting Through Broken Glass, Detroit MI.

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Something Within The Lull, (Before The Questions Ambiguities Pose), Stirs. No.③ Hells Kitchen, NYC or Gulliver, Whilst Recalling Past Travels, Eyes The Insignificance of Things Significant, NYC

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Inclined Towards The Oblivion of Curiosity and It’s Aesthetics of “Why We Return” No. ❷ Whilst Observing Others Within Their Own, Lower Eastside NYC or Bright Lights Big City: Cold Radiant Indifferent Shine, Pink In Color, White As Diamond, Crazy On We Shine Back, LES NYC

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About Her _smal_20130329-004147andrewhirodogrōb©
Now In The Present Tense No.③ : WithIn The Time Allotted [As When Trying To Focus On Things Drawn Close] Eye’s Sight Wends Through Optical Space For Signs of Future Memories Before The Mechanical Shutter Stutters, Clacks Closed or Memories, Dreams Reflections: About Her, Tower Optical Company Coin Operated Mechanical Binocular, Niagara Falls of My Mind, Brooklyn New York

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Hidden Fortress, Madison Square Park NYC


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Capillary Dilation of Blush Response or Go Ask Alice, Chelsea NYC_0286

Capillary Dilation of Blush Response or Go Ask Alice, Chelsea NYC


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From The Archetypal Anecdotal Artifacts of Now project.
[The] Wages of Fear No.⑤ : A Film Still Appropriation Becomes A Catalyst For A Rumination Upon Accepting What’s Lost In A Child’s Childhood Expected, Restored Like A Deleted Scene(s) On A CC DVD, Little Salem Co. or Rosebud, A Winter’s Bone Remembered, Eliding Winters Memories, As A Snowfall, And Artificial Flakes In A Glass Globe Almost Still Endlessly, Brooklyn NY

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The Cause Is Past Matter [Clarice Lispector] No 2 ver 2 or A Phenomenology of a Shadow of Doubt ver 2, Washington DC

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A Vision of The Future Passed No. IV or Outward Manifestation of Forces Too Subtle To Be Consciously Perceived, DUMBO, Brooklyn NYC

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A Moment When Remembrance Interposes Amongst Matters Present No.II ver.2  Involving An Adolescent Memory of Air Travel or Funny, All I Remember Was How Wonderful Was Her Navel, LaGuardia, NYC


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